Exercise & Healing for the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Our aim is to improve & maintain health & fitness, developing the spirit by learning to be still in our mind whilst nourishing our soul; that's what Magick Tree is all about. The exercises are only the beginning.

I teach traditional Health Qigong & Tai Chi for health, self defence and wellbeing. I want my students to stay fit and healthy in order to be effective in the practise of Tai Chi. I also run a private healing and educational practice where I use Qi (through medical Qigong & Reiki) to help restore health and provide the tools and techniques to maintain it. I run several master classes and courses throughout the year for those wishing to become professional energy healers.

The Chinese character for qi, in qigong, can mean air, breath, or "life force". Gong means work, so Qigong is the practice of "working" with ones "life force". Now more and more western doctors, researchers and scientists accept the fact that through regular practice of Qigong and or Tai Chi one can maintain better physical and psychological health and wellbeing.  

The smooth flow of Qi enables our body to function properly and when the channels or meridians are blocked, the flow of Qi can slow down or become stagnant, illnesses arise and we become more susceptible to disease. Health Qigong not only aids the body in the prevention of illness but promotes the body's natural healing in restoring health & vitality. As a physical exercise it builds strength, agility, dexterity and muscle tone whilst reducing fat. As a mental practise it calms the mind, relieves stress and anxiety. As a spiritual practise it allows us to connect with the universe and cosmos as we allow its energy to flow through us without obstruction. It is all of these things and more........