About Sean O'Mahoney & Magick Tree.

I set up Magick Tree to promote & inspire a better way of living for everyone. In our daily lives we are bombarded with toxins; whether that be the obvious pollutions, the less obvious mental stresses, the hidden electromagnetic fields of our ever growing technology, the strains of living or just the emotional complexity of modern day life. Is it any wonder we get so many illnesses? Qigong & Tai Chi really can help counteract the environmental impacts that modern day living has on our overall well being.
One of the first steps for me on this journey was to focus on how to take responsibility for our own health & wellbeing. When I talk about “health & wellbeing” I mean really feeling alive; being full of life and vitality in all regards. I have studied Qigong, Tai Chi & Reiki for over 15 years and found that our emotions, mental state and physical state are intrinsically linked.
I work on prevention, recovery and the overall improvement in quality of life, health and wellbeing. For prevention I run several Health Qigong & Tai Chi classes helping students take responsibility for their health, understanding their own body; how it moves, their energy, emotions, etc all whilst learning something fun and interesting. For recovery I work with those with long term or serious illness where I offer Medical Qigong & Reiki therapy as a complementary approach to improving overall quality of life.

My goal is to prevent illness, promote conscious living, restore health to those that are ill and build a better future for the next generation as best I can.  I also aim to prove through evidence, experience & results the real benefits energy work has on prevention and recovery from illness.
Sean O'Mahoney Dip.Hyp, Dip.NLP, Dip.Body Language St, Reiki Master \ Teacher, Taiji Qigong Instructor
My morning practice


Reiki Master Teacher (I hold two Reiki Master Teacher Qualifications)
Health QiGong Instructor (BHQA)
Diploma - Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
Diploma - Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Diploma - Body Language
Member of the British Health QiGong Association
Member of the Deyin Tai Chi Institute of Great Britain

As well as a Teacher I am also a student.

Magick Tree Photo's 2018

International Mens Day 2018 (corporate event)
Local Scout Group Qigong session
With Master Tary Yip at the Deyin Centre
Ladies Wellbeing Qigong Workshop
Master Faye yip & Professor Zhang
Public Class
Shaolin Kung Fu